junio 21, 2024

SiteraPlus Radio Gateway

SITERAplus Gateway :Benefits and Features

SITERAplus gateway allows companies with fleets that has PMR,DMR or Tetras terminals to interact with fleets whose technologies are not compatible.
this allows that in case of large fleets renewal, it wont be neccesary to cast aside old terminals when new technology terminals are added to the fleet, allowing you to face the renovation in a stepped way.


SITERAplus gateway allows a wide range of possibilities of interconnection joining not only PMR, DMR or Tetra fleets 1:1 on location, it is also possible to interconnet 1:1 remote locations to global scale or N:N location both global or local.

  • 1:1 local location example : VHF PMR network with a UHF PMR network.
  • 3:3 remote location example : MOTOTRBO group with a TETRA group and a PMR channel, each one in a different city.

La pasarela SITERAplus soporta múltiples métodos de comunicación integrados: Ethernet, WIFI, 4G_LTE. Esto permite la comunicación en variadas circunstancias aun en localizaciones aisladas.
The SITERAplus gateway supports multiple methods of integrated communication: Ethernet, WIFI, 4G_LTE. This allows communication in various circunstances even in isolated locations.


Allows Fleet interconnection with different locations withour the need of radio links and with global coverage.

The network can expand in number according to the service needs.

The gateway present itself in a module for Rack 19” 3U-14HP. This allows to reduce the «cabiner ocupancy» when you install numerous channels (6 channels for every 3U plus 6 terminals in 6U).

SITERAPLUS Gateway Flyer Download