mayo 20, 2024



System description.
The remote control paltform of radio terminals allows to act over remote radio terminals from:
• Especific operator console.
• Application from PC.
• Android Application in a Smartphone.

SiteraPlus Platform

This devices allows to send and receive audio from the audio terminal, act over the PTT to control the broadcast status and receive the bearer detection status. Also controls either the working channel or the group working channels of the terminal.
The system allows 2 functioning modes:
Gateway mode. This mode allows us to interconnect fleets with different technologies, For example, it allows a 4G LTE smartphone to communicate with PME, Tetra or DMR nets. Or combinations between them.
Remote Control mode. In this mode it is also possible to control the working channel or the working group.
In addition to this modes, if the radio technology to control also allows it, it is possible to control the telemetry, position and short text messages data receipts and delivery.

Basic scheme with 2 groups