junio 21, 2024

SITERAplus 4G-LTE Radio Gateway

Benefits and Features

The SITERAplus Gateway allows enterprises with PMR, DMR or TETRA radio terminal fleets to interconnect with PoC platforms.
This allows to keep using the most suitable technology on each environment while keeping the global communication


The SITERAplus Gateway allows a wide possibilities of interconnection modes, linking not only PMR, DMR or TETRA fleets with PoC Platform, as well as between them.
For Example, one PMR VHF network with a PMR UHF network, or a MOTOTRBO with a TETRA group and a PMR channel.
The SITERAplus Gateway supports multiple methods of integrated communications: Ethernet, WIFI, 4G-LTE. The system is flexible enough to adapt to the different scenarios of communication that the user would require.


The SITERAplus Gateway allows to extend the coverage further than the radio network coverage.
Allows the interconnection of fleets with different locations without the necessity or radio links and global coverage.
The network can be extended in number according to the needs of the service.
The Gateway is physically presented in a 19″ 3U-14HP Rack module. This make it possible to reduce cabinet occupancy when many channels are installed (6 channels every 3U).

Download Flyer here.