junio 21, 2024

SITERA PTT – PoC Solution

SITERAplus PTT Benefits and Features

The PoC (Push to Talk over Cellular) or PTT solution is a technology that emulates walkie-talkie communication based on the use of the data network and mobile devices. To the advantages of telephony (voice quality, global coverage, secure communications,…), the use of PTT adds immediate communication without waiting for calls and microphone muting, useful in communication with large groups or noisy environments.


SITERAplus PTT can be used on any Android device or PC with Windows and Linux , having an unlimited number of users and groups, also you have a corporate control access of the organization and stablish participations in groups, including also PMR-DMR-TETRA radio channels within groups calls if necessary.
It is also possible to transmit messages, positioning, alarms and telemetry data.
In case of need, SITERAplus can interoperate with other platforms via API.

Additional functions

In addition to voice communication, the data sending capability allows the sending of position, sending of RFiD Tags and sending and receiving; alerts, alarms and telemetry data.

Download the Flyer here.