junio 21, 2024

SITERAplus Integral Control

Its composed of :

  • Mini server (a back up server can be added optionally) that can control up to 30 devices, between radio controllers and console operators.
  • Console Operator. It allows to remote control the broadcast status and change the assigned channel to the radio.
  • Radio Controller. It adapts levels and control mode to the specific model of radio terminal, whether it is control through the accessory port of the terminal or control through the serial port.

This configuration allows up to 99 selectable channel by a rotary knob on the operator console. The console channel sequence corresponds to the channel order in the radio terminal and the label it presents is programmable and may be different from the one programmed in the terminal.

The RX audio from the terminal presents with a adjustable speaker by a rotating controller.TX audio and PTT control is taken in a external dektop microphone like a RMN5050A.

The console display presents information about the link status with the radio and the pressence status of the carrier and the emisor.