mayo 20, 2024

Professional Radio

  • Official MOTOROLA distribution and technical service .
  • Official KENWOOD distribution and technical service.
  • Distribution and technical service of: VERTEX, STANDARD, YAESU, ICOM, SHC, PRESIDENT, ALAN.
  • Company communication. We at TELPROSUR conduct you the advice, design and installation of the wireless communication systems for voice and data that you need for your company.
  • Radio hams. We distribute the main brands of equipment and accesories.
  • No licence requirement equipmnet: For leissure or work. Short ranged equipment.
  • Digital TETRA systems. Total coverage with linked and shared boosters.
  • Digital radio, IP communication: The latest in radio communication.
  • Remote control and telematry: Via radio or via GSM, we design and install remote measures and control systems.