junio 21, 2024

SITERAplus Dispatcher

Dispatcher Screen

SITERAplus Dispatcher offers a complete office solution that reinforces the position of the SITERAplus technology as the highest level of professional communication. The command center and controlcontrol solution of SITERAplus offers potent and flexible functions.
SITERAplus Dispatcher can be deployed as a desktop application, or it can work in mobile environments. It has an easy and intuitive installation proccess and can be configured in a wide range of computers with Windows in a matter of minutes.

PoC voice calls (PTT over Celular)

This is the core functionalityof any two ways radio system. Push-To-Talk (PTT) allows a single person to communicate with hundreds of users, organized in groups, with the push of a button. SITERAplus supports PTT group calls over high-speed

Text Messages

The application allows real time excahnge of text messages freely between individual users or groups. The recipient of the message receives an instant notification.

Flexible Configuration

From the fleet configuration screen, the administrator can manage:
· Users, groups and fleet labels.

· Activate/Deactivate each user individually.

· Define which users participate in each group.

Additional functions

In addition to the voice communication capacities, sending data allows to:
· Give Location.
· Sending and receiving alerts and alarms.
· Sending and receiving telemtry data (Refrigerator
temperature data, doors opening data,…).
· Sending of RFiD Tags codes.

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